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Our highly trained and accredited instructors will have you leaving each session feeling empowered, energised and well on your way to achieving your health & fitness goals.



Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Accredited Pilates Instructor

  • Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology

  • Cert IV in Mat Work & Reformer Pilates

Studio Director and Chief practicing Exercise Physiologist, Maz is the mind and body behind One Body for Life. Her qualifications and experience in Exercise Physiology guarantee that you’ll be in the safest hands when it comes to finding an exercise regime that is right for you and your body.

Maz works to a “it hurts so good” principle with each class expertly choreographed to give you a rewarding full-body workout, strengthening and lengthening muscles you didn’t know had.  Maz’ effervescent yet compassionate and caring personality is echoed in her class delivery, with every class performed in a fun and casual, yet carefully considered manner that’ll have you feeling empowered and skipping your way to a healthier mind and body in no time.



Accredited Pilates Instructor

  • Cert IV in Mat Work & Reformer Pilates

An impassioned long-time practitioner and now trainer, we’re so lucky to have such a dedicated and professional member on our team. Sandi delivers every class with an infectious sense of calm & relaxation that’ll have you breathing deeper and feeling more relaxed than you thought possible from an exercise class.

But don’t let her Zen fool you, she’ll have you sweating up a storm and pushing past your limits before you even realise it. And you’ll be doing all of this with a smile on your face and a warm fuzzy feeling in your soul.

Sandi’s knack for delivering classes in a playful yet calm and tranquil manner will leave you wanting more and have you discovering new strength, flexibility and mobility you didn’t know you had.


Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Pilates Instructor

  • Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology



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