...and how we came to be

After the birth of her first child, fitness enthusiast and qualified Exercise Physiologist Marianna (Maz) Campbell was more motivated than ever to get back to her pre-baby health and fitness lifestyle with the hope of healing her body and boosting her overall wellbeing and mental health (being a new mum is hard work!).


But after trialling some classes at the local gyms as well as a few mums ‘n bubs work out sessions in the park she realised that (although fun & a great excuse to get of the house) these workouts weren’t quite giving her post-partum body or mind the healing and recovery she’d expected and so decided to give them up.


And as an Exercise Physiologist she was starting to get concerned with the growing number of pre & post-partum mums who were seeking her out for advice on post-exercise injury and pain management. Determined to find a solution for herself and the other mums (or mums-to-be), Maz began the search for more specialised post-partum exercise options and dedicated women’s health facilities. Her search was short & disappointing.


After the birth of her second baby, and the frustration at the continued lack of specialised health & wellbeing options for pregnant and post-birth women, Maz decided to take things into her own hands.


Driven by her passion to find a solution, Maz decided to open her own Exercise Physiology practice, a place where the changing needs of her pre & post-partum clients would be properly understood and catered for. Relying on her own personal experiences and needs as well as her qualifications and industry expertise in exercise physiology Maz opened up her home and her life to provide other women with a safe and welcoming place to heal their changing bodies and minds.


The growing popularity of Maz women’s health sessions inspired Maz to take her sessions further, becoming a qualified Pilates instructor in order to provide her clients with a well-rounded and balanced healing experience.


…and so, One Body Exercise Physiology & Pilates Studio was born.


While originally established with a focus on women’s health, Maz’ growing list of happy clients saw her referrals growing rapidly and her client base diversifying to include all age groups & fitness levels.


One Body Exercise Physiology & Pilates Studio is now an inclusive space that caters for men & women, the young and the old, the healing and the healed; with a range of available classes that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of her clients.


From one-on-one sessions to Mum’s ‘n Bubs classes, Power Pilates classes, Functional Fitness (for over 50’s) and much much more – there really is a class to suit everybody and every "bodies" needs.