Duration: 30mins

Cost: $65 (with no gap under an approved Medicare Care Plan & Private Health rebates available)

At your assessment our qualified Exercise Physiologist (EP) will work with you to better understand your current health and exercise history, your lifestyle and diet as well as your current capabilities, physical status and any diagnoses from your GP.

Your EP will also discuss your health and exercise goals with you in detail so that you can work together towards achieving them safely and realistically – without any false expectations.

You may also be asked to undergo a routine health test which includes a weigh and measure, a blood pressure check and basic exercise routine so that your EP can better assess your physical capabilities.

Your EP will then discuss various strategies to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and tailor a suitable exercise program or treatment plan, based on your discussion and the results of your health check, for you to practice at home or in the studio, on-on-one or in a group setting - whichever you prefer.

You can be confident that at the end of your consultation you’ll have all the information, tools, resources and support you’ll need on your journey to better health and fitness.